Erie has actively prioritized the thermal performance of its facades since the emergence of its ENVIRO|FACADES® product family. Our curtain wall systems offer the best-in-class thermal performance making the EF-Series an ideal building solution for either performance enhancing remodels or modernized new builds. Our NFRC-certified engineering team performs detailed analytics of the building envelope using the industry’s latest methods and software.


Erie has years of experience providing facade solutions specifically designed to mitigate impact, blast, and high-pressure threats to building security. We have supplied built applications for many GSA, DOD, embassy, airport, and multiple other public and private buildings. Our in-house engineering team utilizes proprietary and commercial analytics to safely and confidently design curtain wall systems for these applications.


Environmental resistance is at the core of each ENVIRO|FACADES® system. Every system in the EF-Series is designed over and above the industry average, excelling in resistance to air / water infiltration. Our facade systems are designed to accommodate a variety of countermeasures to mitigate hurricane and wind-borne debris damage, and our team has experience in providing customized solutions catered to developments along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.


Modern building structures are being economically optimized to meet increasingly stringent project budgets. This paradigm shift results in less robust structural support which effectively demands more from a facade system. Erie’s ENVIRO|FACADES® systems rise to the challenge and offer an uncompromising level of structural integrity while instilling confidence that our curtain walls will withstand the most aggressive movements imposed by wind, seismic, or structural live loads. Our engineers utilize our in-house testing facility to validate our systems against stringent West Coast seismic movements and project-specific wind / live loads.


Technological improvements in building construction and advanced materials research have allowed architects to explore new concepts and design larger building developments. Erie’s advanced manufacturing plant has the capacity and technical proficiency to meet strict schedule requirements involving high-volume deliveries on large scale projects. Our curtain wall systems have demonstrated the capability to support high-rise towers and wide sprawling developments alike while adhering to stringent budgetary requirements.


An architect’s vision cannot be achieved without an adaptable facade system. Erie provides just that – the freedom of true architectural expression. Modern 3D designing and planning methods are utilized at Erie as a means to explore intricate facades and develop the intimate details of the curtain wall system. From highly complex geometry to large unitized panels, our systems are highly adaptable to achieve the latest architectural expressions.