Process – Original

Erie has implemented a workflow that has been carefully crafted along with our ENVIRO|FACADES® product family. Our extensive industry experience with some of the most prolific and ambitious projects has allowed us to understand the needs of our partners. This understanding has translated into a customized and tailored experience from initial design assistance through production and build support.


The rising complexity of modern buildings requires a close-knit collaboration of the design team and associated trades.  The Design-Assist management method has been proven to mitigate risk inherent to unique and complex building developments.  Erie has embraced the Design-Assist methodology and placed it at the core of our project development process. Our Design-Assist services include development of system drawings, preliminary calculations and loads, preliminary thermal modeling, project budgeting, valued-engineering explorations, photo-realistic concept renderings, and high-fidelity 3D digital and printed models.


Our in-house engineering team is led by several accredited Professional Engineers with the ability to stamp (drawings/calculations) in key markets (major markets) across the United States. Our engineering team is comprised of structural engineers, applications specialists, analytical engineers, and product developers offering a variety services including system drawing development, production drawings, BIM, concept research, and calculations pertaining to structural, thermal, and blast loads.


The ability to test and validate façade systems on an independent basis has been paramount to foster innovation within Erie’s product offering. In response to this idea, Erie has developed an on-site technology center where we have the freedom to construct full-scale visual and performance mock-ups as part of the formal performance evaluation of a façade or as an internal research and development initiative. We construct mock-ups utilizing a range of testing chambers outfitted with the latest testing instrumentation which is calibrated and certified by a national accredited third-party testing agency. Our technology center analyzes facades on the principles of static and dynamic water infiltration, structural loads, vertical and horizontal movements, thermal cycling, impact cycling, among other parameters.


Erie has established an experienced team of project managers that are a fundamental contributor to its success in delivering projects that are always on time and on budget. Our project managers lead design development activities, coordinate engineering development, organize material procurement, establish production plans, and develop customized logistics and field management strategies. We value our partnerships with glazing contractors and strive to achieve effective chains of communication by providing a high level of transparency in our operations as well as attentive customer service.


Erie has invested in a state-of-the-art onsite manufacturing operation that houses all of its curtain wall production. Our facilities have incorporated the latest production and machining technology enabling us to handle high volume and highly complex unitized panels which are all produced based on parametric 3D production modeling. Utilizing a singular production facility has allowed us to closely monitor the Quality Control operations which are led by a Professional Engineer; ensuring our ENVIRO|FACADES® products are all up to the high standards the company has established.


Erie has implemented an initiative to modernize its production management by integrating a tracking system to monitor and optimize the flow of material through the build process. Every ENVIRO|FACADES® unit has a unique tracking number that allows our team to effectively manage work orders and ensure each and every piece of material that is sent to the field for installation has been subjected to a strict Quality Assurance assessment.