National September 11 Memorial Museum Pavilion



At ground zero of the World Trade Center site, the Pavilion of the National September 11 Memorial Museum welcomes visitors to the cultural heritage site. The Pavilion serves as a natural threshold from the busy city life above to the more reserved and thoughtful memorial museum below. The inclined reflective and transparent surfaces of the facade along with the jewel-like geometry of the curtain wall encourages visitors to engage the Pavilion. Here, visitors can peer through the glass at two of the structural columns rescued from the original towers as a poignant reminder of the events of September 11. The complex forms and geometry of the curtain wall coupled with strict blast-mitigation performance, required custom designed curtain wall system by Erie in addition to supplemental engineering services for the supporting AESS framework. In keeping with the memorial site’s sustainability mission, the building incorporated several initiatives to achieve a LEED-Gold certification.






New York, NY


Snøhetta / Adamson Associates, P.C.


Front, Inc. / Vidaris