Bulletin Building at Schuylkill Yards



The Bulletin Building is located within the Schuylkill Yards development in Philadelphia, PA amidst the nation’s 3rd busiest train station and the city’s highest pedestrian counts. The retro-fitted office building occupies the original headquarters of the Evening Bulletin newspaper and serves as an anchor for the Schuylkill Yards Innovation District. The all-glass facade which fronts the new 1.3 acre park Drexel Square, provides a much needed face-lift to the previous facade which was heavily obscured by concrete and offered very little natural light into the core of the building. Erie’s unitized ENVIRO|FACADES® curtain wall system integrates an iconic framework of formed metal panels in a striking red color, making a bold statement amongst the surrounding architecture. As an homage to the history of the building, each glass pane is uniquely customized with frit graphics spread across the glass face in the form of seemingly random arrangements of alphabetical letters based on the Bulletin’s unique fonts.






Philadelphia, PA


Kieran Timberlake


Thornton Tomasetti Group, Inc.