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Erie Architectural Products Inc.
Company Profile: Engineering and Fabrication - Committed to Growth, Sustainability, Relationships
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Company Profile: Engineering and Fabrication

Erie Architectural Products Inc. is a family owned and operated business since 1981 and is extremely proud of its accomplishments. Today, we are fully committed to leading our industry with innovative and sustainable engineered solutions to meet the architectural design challenges today. Emerging technologies, innovative problem-solving and a tenacious commitment to our long-standing principles of frugality, hard work, honesty and integrity position us perfectly to provide exciting architectural solutions for entrances, conventional and unitized curtain wall systems, storefronts, and skylights for your building project.

Committed to Growth
In 2008, we expanded our capabilities with the addition of a new facility in Novi, Michigan. This is now home to two new businesses; Erie Architectural Products USA, Inc. and Erie and Associates Engineering, Inc. This expansion positions us perfectly to provide our Design/Assist and Design/Build aluminum architectural curtain wall services and products to architects, and glazing contractors throughout the U.S.

Erie Architectural Products USA, Inc. and Erie and Associates Engineering, Inc. are new incorporated US affiliates to Erie Architectural Products Inc. based in Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada whose primary focus is to further grow its business opportunities in the U.S.

Committed to Sustainability

As a national member of USGBC (United States Green Building Council), EAP is deeply committed to providing sustainable solutions to our industry. Through strategic alliances with our partners, we can help introduce BIVP (Building Integrated Photovoltaic Panels) into the building facade to help meet the stringent energy codes, model with BIM technology, and our in-house LEED AP's can help you in achieving LEED credits.

Committed to Relationships
We're very proud of our reputation for quality, honesty and integrity is confirmed by many successful long-term relationships we enjoy with some of the leading glazing contractors and architects.

Erie Architectural Products Inc.

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