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Services:  We specialize in the design and engineering of building envelope components – specifically, aluminum storefronts, window walls, and curtain wall systems; as well as skylights, point supported glass, handrail systems, and aluminum panels.  Services can include anything from a cursory review of shop drawings to a complete formal set of calculations.  Our staff of Licensed Engineers and Affiliates allow us to provided services throughout the United States.

Goal:  To provide quality engineering services for the building façade components.  Our approach to the engineering process is proactive – helping to solve engineering issues and provide a realistic and feasible design of the project.  We understand engineering is not just about the numbers, but providing a sound design that accounts the structural, fabrication, and installation requirements of the system.

Experience:  Our engineers have decades of experience within the curtain wall industry designing both stick and unitized systems.  We have designed projects using the majority of the manufactures standard systems, as well as many custom systems.  Our designs have included large snowloads, hurricane and impact resistant, seismic, and blast requirements.

Contact Information:

Erie and Associates Engineering, Inc.

39555 Orchard Hill Place, Suite 115
Novi, Michigan  48375


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